Frequently asked questions

Here at GRETTON WALLS ESTATES, we know that our industry can be quite confusing if you haven’t dealt in it before. This is why we’ve created this an FAQ’s as resource that our clients and future clients can educate themselves before making an enquiry with us.

We predominately cover Liverpool, the Wirral Peninsula and Chester but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you, when required we are able to cover other areas to meet specific requirements and In the past we have been to Edinburgh, Stoke, London and Normandy, France.
Property remains a sound investment with both long and short-term gains, but you will need an effective strategy for success – the wrong purchase can become a liability, while the right one will become an asset for life. We understand the importance of supporting and protecting you from the initial planning phase through to purchasing property and having it on the rental market.
There is no minimum or maximum amount to invest. By applying different strategies, we are able to cover different amounts of investment. On our first initial meeting we aim to identify your goals and aims and how together we can help get you there. This is important to us as every person is unique, We need to be sure you are happy to work with us.

We work alongside many investors and athletes who don’t have the time to build a portfolio themselves, that’s where we come in! Please contact us so we can arrange a 1-1 confidential meeting to identify what we believe would be the best approach moving forward.

Not really, but we do love bringing unloved properties back to life! We aim to refurbish every property to a high standard, either to rent out or to sell on depending on the location and demand.

We always hold an initial meeting which allows use to understand the client’s requirements, this also allows us to establish if we are the right fit for their needs. We conduct a vetting process which allows us to agree terms and conditions and gather the information we require to proceed with any offers such as Proof of Funds, Proof of Identification and letter of authorisation before we conduct any viewing.

Want To Invest But Don't Have The Knowledge?

Are you looking for your money to work harder than it is already? We build your property portfolio and we do all the hard work so you don’t have to.