Joint Ventures and Angel Investment

Property joint ventures, or JVs, can come in many different shapes and sizes. At the root of this dynamic however, is a vision for a long-term relationship where multiple parties pool their resources to generate a greater pro t from a project than they would have been able to achieve if operating alone. As an investor in a property JV, your risks can be reduced, and your exposure limited compared to doing everything yourself.

As a professional company, we pride ourselves in being honest, motivated and enthusiastic with a genuine interest in property. We understand that investing on your own is rarely straight forward, with our system we aim to successfully deploy the old saying of “two heads are better than one” when it comes to the strategy planning and making our developments and JV’s a success with a long term vision.

My business journey of building a tech company from zero to seven figures has taught me a lot of lessons, But one of the main lessons I’m proud to be apart of is one that has been effective for thousands of years, Property.

It’s been great to build a long lasting relationship up with Liam and Nathan in a joint venture role, allowing me to learn more about property and its processes but also from a business investment role.

Danny Webster, CEO of Expert Apps

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Are you looking for your money to work harder than it is already? Do you have the money to invest but no time?

Get involved in our property projects and receive an amazing fixed interest return of investment for 12 months or longer.

We offer the opportunity for individuals to partner with us on property ventures, this provides the opportunity to leverage our knowledge and experience whilst having as much or as little involvement as you like throughout the whole process.


“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” – Henry Ford