As a company who pride ourselves on being honest, motivated and enthusiastic with a genuine interest in property, it is vital that we satisfy all of our clients and connections, on this page you’ll see a number of testimonials from a variety of different clients.
I’ve dealt with Liam on numerous occasions and is a great guy to deal with. Passionate in what he believes in and has a great knowledge in the property world.
Liam’s thorough approach and impeccable knowledge of his field is like no other, A young aspirational property developer who will go above and beyond to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the information he has divulged to you. Would strongly recommend any first-time buyers or even anyone looking to expand their monopoly of estates to use not only Liam but Gretton Walls as a company before making any rational decisions about property.
I have had the pleasure of working alongside Liam and I can honestly say it was an absolute pleasure to find such a sincere passionate and dedicated young man. I would highly recommend him to anyone who would ask my professional opinion.
Liam is a great down to earth family guy, who takes pride in the work and service he provides for his clients and is always ready to help.
I always enjoy working with Liam. He is hugely grounded, knowledgeable and has integrity by the bucket load. His eye for detail is second to none and his willing to go the extra mile and “learn and look” outside of the box whilst keeping it simple and grounded is inspiring. Whether it is property investment or business advice Liam is one of my immediate points of call and I always come away smiling as do my clients.
I've worked with Liam & watched him grow as a person, the one word I would define Liam would be "integrity".
Liam has a vast amount of property knowledge and is highly driven. His entrepreneurial spirit is amazing to see and what he is creating not only benefits his life but the lives of many others. He has a great heart and everything he does he does with passion. A great man with a fantastic cause.
I'd recommend working with Liam in a heartbeat. I've always been impressed by his entrepreneurial spirit, his ambition and his drive to succeed. His knowledge of property and investing is admirable, and I believe it creates a win-win situation for everyone involved

Having known Liam for a while now it's been great to build our business relationship over the past few years. His eye for detail and knowledge of the property game is brilliant. I wasn't quite expecting it at first, but his entrepreneurial nature and drive is rather admirable.

Biggest thing for me is the honesty. I find a lot of people get lost in the art of making money, and that's fine, but Liam is still very grounded and wants to help people and that method of getting win after win is superb. Looking forward to the next link up.

Liam has given me advice on multiple deals I’ve looked at over the past year in property. He’s so good at really getting to understand what’s most important to you and simplifies everything, which is needed when you have a brain that’s always racing. There have been off days in my line of work as I’m sure we all have, but Liam always gives you that boost when you need it most. He has real drive and passion for what he does and that’s infectious. It really has been life changing to have met such a like-minded person. Keep changing lives.
As an estate agent I have worked closely with these guys a couple of times. Great people to deal with and would fully recommend. I’ve dealt with a lot of time wasters over the years however Gretton Walls were a breath of fresh air. Cheers gents!

One of the best decisions we made was to use the guys ‘turn the key service’ to buy our first investment property on the Wirral, they took us through each stage of the process, they completed a refurb under the initial timeline and under budget which we were obviously happy about.

Daniel & Kate
I’ve been investing in property for over 10 years mainly around the Wirral, I found it very time consuming with working away from the area and I started using the team at Gretton Walls to help grow my portfolio without any worry, they cover absolutely everything, research, offers, refurbishment, timeline return on investment etc! Hands down the first company that comes to mind when I think about purchasing a property.
We bought our first property in June 2018, we had a specific criteria and knew we wanted to find a property that long term would grow in value. The team certainly helped us in understanding the area and key features to making this happen, 100% use them in the future.

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